Universal Dharma Priest

My name is Rev. Hosshin Ananda and I am the current custodian at Heartmind Forest Retreat in Glendaruel, Scotland. I am the founding director of the not for profit organisation Heartmind, as well as an ordained dharma and mindfulness teacher/practitioner. I have studied Organic Farming, Permaculture and Sustainable Rural Development as a degree, all of which is put into practice here at the retreat. As part of my spiritual service to ‘Friends of Heartmind’, I offer group and one to one sessions both online and in person sharing Zen Mindfulness, a compassionate heart based approach to mindfulness meditation that draws upon the centuries old wisdom teachings from Zen Buddhism, backed by the latest science research into fields of neuroscience, consciousness and human happiness.


More to follow soon on my bio/profile as I intend to do a blog of my life and adventures here...